Speech pathologists are trained to assess, diagnose and treat a range of communication disorders as well as difficulties in swallowing, eating and drinking.

I specialise in working with children and am able to assist in a range of difficulties including:

Speech development

# If your child is having difficulty articulating speech sounds (e.g. can't say 'c' sound - 'car' becomes 'tar' etc).
# If your child’s speech is unclear.

Language Development

# If your child is having trouble understanding or following instructions.
# If your child is slow to start talking.
# If you child is struggling to join words together or make sentences.
# If your child has difficulty organising their sentences and expressing themselves clearly.
# If your child has difficulty learning and remembering new vocabulary.

Social Communication Skills

# If you child has difficulty attending to activities or other people.
# If your child has poor listening skills.
# If your child struggles with taking turns or share in interactions.


# If your child is getting stuck on words, repeating words or parts of words and is starting to stutter.

Eating and Drinking

# If your child coughs, gags or chokes during eating or drinking.
# If you child struggles to chew, and  has difficulty eating lumps in foods.
# If your child will only accept eating specific textures.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

# If a child has complex communication difficulties and is struggling to be understood or express themselves with speech alone, an additional communication system (either low or high tech) may be helpful to improve the success of communication interactions.