Initial Contact

When you call, we can discuss your child and the concerns you may have about your child’s communication development. I will ask lots of questions so that I can gauge whether an initial assessment might be appropriate, as well as answer any questions you might have in the first instance.


I prefer to assess children in their own environment, where they feel more secure and engaged. I find that their abilities are also more accurately reflected when assessed in their own environment.

An initial assessment typically takes between an hour and 90 minutes. It is usually comprised of a discussion with you about your child where I gather lots of information about your child’s development to date and family history. Following this, I will assess your child's communication skills, which may involve structured play and observation, informal assessment and/or standardised assessment tools.

Following this, findings are discussed and a plan made for how to proceed, if therapy is indicated. This plan will be made collaboratively to achieve a treatment that best suits and reflects the needs of your child. A report may also be written with the findings for your information.


Therapy is flexible and is recommended on the individual needs of the child. Direct therapy sessions can be delivered at home or the child’s education setting, and may be weekly, fortnightly or even monthly.

I have considerable experience with parent/carer training and can support parents in executing therapy at home with their child.

Sometimes parents also request a program of activities that can be completed at home or at the child’s school and this can be a beneficial way to consolidate the skills a child is developing in their therapy sessions.